Monday, June 9, 2008

This was really a terrific weekend. I had the boys on Friday night. Alex brought me his report card and he made straight As. His lowest grade was a 93. Can I get a wootwoot?! I am so proud of him. Nick made all As and Bs, which is also awesome. He finished the school year off so strong after struggling so much in the fall. Life is settling down for them and I am glad for it. They both seem to be happy these days and that does a mother's heart good. I feel so lucky in Nick. He isn't terribly motivated, but he never hesitates to help out when asked and I never. ever. get sassy lip from him or attitude. We just don't have any of the teenaged drama that other people seem to get and I am knocking on wood that it stays that way. What Alex will be like at that age, I do not know. We are so close now I kind of expect he will pull away hard. We'll see.

The boys went back to thier Dad's on Saturday morning and Joe and I pretty much spent the day playing. We have been going to the gym together on Saturday mornings and we did that again this week. I love doing that. We have really been coming together in terms of health issues, working on our fitness levels and trying to eat better. There is a solidarity there that warms me and gives me energy. Half of why I can carry through with it now is knowing that my motivation fuels his as well. Its very symbiotic and intimate. We've been close and we've been happy. Happier than I remember being for a long time. We showered up at the gym and then he took me to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch, where we split a plate of blackened mahi mahi and steamed broccoli (and french fries, which we also split and I have to admit I enjoyed thoroughly). Then we went to Ikea and wandered through there and made some neat purchases, came back home, rented a movie and enjoyed one another's company. It was a fun day. He grilled chicken for us for dinner and I made us a salad and parmesan noodles. I am down nine pounds now and though I am not focusing on weight loss as much as on letting myself enjoy my life and recognizing what behaviors and eating habits let me do that, the loss is nice. I don't feel as much like I am straining my own skin and I hope the downward trend continues. My official weigh-ins are on Wednesday mornings.

I start A&P tonight. I am very nervous inside and excited. I think I will enjoy this class. I am stressing over wanting to get there early enough to stake a claim on a front row seat. Class is Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-11 PM. As Joe says, I am usually pretty much done for the day and asleep around 10, so this will be interesting. I will have to adapt. Class runs from now until Aug 14th. I spent a little time this weekend reading and studying the first chapter.

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