Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A perfect day

Yesterday was the most perfect day I can remember in years. The kind of day that you wish you could relive over and over again, but even if you tried to recreate it you could never have enough variables fall into place in exactly the same way.

I had told the boys back in January if both of them got nothing lower than a B on their report cards for the second semester I would take them to Six Flags in the summer time. So I took the day off yesterday, purchased tickets and off we went. There was a chance of rain, so I was a little trepidatious, but it wasn't supposed to be quite as hot as it has been, so I figured if it rained we could wait it out in a gift shop or restaurant. But it didn't rain, not really. A big storm threatened early in our outing, but blew over before it opened up. But it was enough to scare off other people in the area from coming to the park and to send some of who were already there running for home. It also cooled temperatures and gave a very cool breeze, to the point that the water rides no longer sounded appealing (well, to me. Nick and Alex still got themselves joyfully soaked). In all, we wound up with a most overcast, somewhat cooler day at Six Flags with relatively easy crowds. Perfection. The boys got to ride most of the things they wanted to two to three times. Nobody got sunburned or heat sick. We didn't spend more time in line than we did on the rides. It was a joy for me when they asked if they could ride something again to just smile and say "Sure! Go!" and watch them take off running to get back on the ride. Several times they were ahead of me on something and I would stare at Nick's thick red curls, Alexander's soft strawberry hair and remember the sweet curve of their skulls as toddlers. I took mental pictures left and right, trying to capture the day, the moments, the laughter. How I wish I could keep them just a little longer with me. I mentioned that on the way home in the car, after Alex fell asleep and Nick and I were having one of those talks in which it hits me that he is not far from adulthood. I wished aloud that I could keep them just the ages they are now, not because I don't want them to grow up, but because I love having them as my children and that I am going to miss them. He just smiled and said "Let's not dwell on that now. Its been a great day. We have to live in today. You taught me that Mom." Huh. Guess he does listen to me, enough to toss my own wisdom back in my lap when I need it. I just can't believe how perfectly the day went. It could not have been better, and being able to tell them that they made the day happen because of all their hard work in school was a joy. I love to be able to reward them. I am so thankful for my boys.

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