Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Last night was the first exam in A&P. I studied like mad over the weekend. Joe was a terrific help to me. He assisted me in making a list of all the other things I really needed to get accomplished over the weekend, then I tackled those things right up front. It was amazing how doing this freed up my mind to relax and reduced my stress tenfold. Knowing I had accomplished all he would want me to and all I needed to, even though the house was far from perfect, really freed up my brain space to let it go and focus on school work. I wish I had discovered this little secret sooner. Because he helped me make the list, I didn't feel like I was short-changing him by letting certain things go. And by having the list all checked off, I didn't feel like I was letting the ball drop on caring for our home. We have a very symbiotic division of labor in our house. We are very traditional in male/female roles and we both are happy that way. This trick is one I will use again and again when I need to take more than the average time for studying. In this case it paid off brilliantly. I got a 93 on my first exam last night. That has boosted my spirits and my confidence a great deal, and I registered just this morning for A&P II in the fall. I still intend to be open to writing, but being a nurse is not a goal I am going to let go of lightly. Frankly, if I can make As in A&P and in microbiology, I will likely just retake Statistics and make sure I make an A in that, then apply to nursing school with the 4.0 that reputation says I will need in order to get accepted. Its an exciting thought. And there is no reason that being a nurse means I cannot write.

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