Thursday, October 18, 2007

Things are moving along at a rapid clip this week. I have an algebra exam tonight that I am feeling pretty trepidatious about. I do great on my homework and then have been choking on the quiz and pre-test. I know all my formulas and rules. I just get in too big of a hurry I think. I frankly find Algebra to be incredibly boring and cannot fathom when or why I would ever need it, which makes me impatient to get just it over with. I need to slow down and double check my work. It is stunning how many times I get an answer wrong from an error in basic math or forgetting to put in a negative sign. *sigh*

Yesterday was an awfully exciting day at work. I got up early so that I could get there right at 6:00 AM. That way I get off at 2:20, which rocks so hard. But when I got there yesterday, the alarm in the building was going off. Now, several people have set it off on accident, so unfortunately my tiny brain just didn't comprehend this could be trouble. When I get into the stairwell of the employee entrance, the door has been broken into and there is blood smeared all over the place. Like an idiot, I am thinking about pretty much everything under the planet but the fact that there has obviously been a break-in..there were two other vehicles in the parking garage near the door, so frankly I assumed that there was already other employees inside the building. So I went in. Stupid stupid! I get as far as the central waiting area, where it becomes apparent that the new flat screen television has been stolen rather hastily...the wall is torn up, the mounting aparatus shattered and the veneer on the wall pulled away along with lots of blood smears. I call the police, start sweating like mad because suddenly it dawns on me that they could still be in the building, and I hightail it out of there back the way I came. Obviously I am fine, but it shook me up. Later they found blood on the balcony door and mused that they probably were still in the building when I came in and then snuck out behind me when they could not get off the balcony. Gah. Stupid me. I just don't think like a criminal. It didn't occur to me until it would have been too late that I was in danger.

Joe and I are attending a halloween party at some friends' house on Saturday night. They have one every year and its always a lot of fun. I am going as a school girl (got my ruffled socks and everything) and Joe is going as his own version of Jimmy Buffet. Nick and Alex are going camping this coming weekend and the weekend following Joe's daughter is coming down to visit us for a few days. Life is full and that is a good thing. I suspect it won't slow down until after the holidays. We are going on a cruise in early spring for five days and I am thrilled to have that to look forward to beyond all the anniversaries and memories that have to be maneuvered between now and then.

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