Friday, October 26, 2007

Things are going well, at least from my perspective. Jeff, Katie's boyfriend, is taking a nap and Katie is out back with her dad, so I am trying to give them some time to themselves and stay in the background for a while. I get fascinated watching them together. My father and I were not close. He was a distant dictator whom I feared, and so seeing her snuggle up with him even though she is in her early 20s, hearing her telling stories about when she was growing chokes up in my throat. I admit I feel envious. I feel like I ought to watch them and miss my own dad. Instead I watch them and imagine what it could have been. She is a very lucky girl. I also search her face a lot..she looks so much like him in so many ways. Her face is delicate and lovely, with an exotic slant to her eyes that is truly unique and an adorable way of using her mouth when she speaks that is completely unconscious and charmingly engaging. I am fascinated by her. We have had a couple of moments together, not many, but I think things are going well. I hope they are going well. I like her sense of humor and her matter of fact approach to life. I have no idea what she thinks of me.

We went to the 6th Floor Museum today, located in the book repository from which President Kennedy is alleged to have been shot by Lee Harvey Oswald. It was interesting, watching the movies from that time period. It was almost disturbing..the fashions from that time were close enough to some from now that I could relate as if it were happening now. One portion was a movie that showed his funeral and they played Taps. I thought of the boy scout bugler that played Taps at Joseph's funeral. A lady there was crying openly as she watched and everyone was pretty solemn and I felt tears tug at my own mother loved JFK and it makes me think of her as a young woman, made me realize that I can still be moved to tears by a man who died seven years before my birth, that life is so swiftly over. What am I doing to make this world a better place?

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