Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A conversation of intimate nature

Me: So have you written to Lauren yet?

Alex: Yeah, I wrote her as soon as I got home. I think she will get it tomorrow or something.

Me: When did you mail it?

A: Uh. The day I got back from camp. Uh. Monday. I mailed it on Monday.

Me: Its great to have a friend.

A: Well, we are more than just friends.

Me: Oh?

A: Yeah. And she's in eigth grade!! And the whole fourth grade pretty much knows it now too. Because I told them. And she is in Eigth Grade! They can't even make fun of me too much for it.

Me: The heart doesn't know how old it is, that is true. But be sure you are respecting her honey. I am sure you liked her for more reasons than just that she is in eigth grade.

A: Oh yeah. Definitely. We are "BF/GF"

Me: BF/GF?

A: Yeah.

Me: So are you in love?

A: Uh. I guess so. That is what BF/GF means.

Me: Ah. Did you kiss her?

A: No.

Me: Did you want to?

A: Uh. I think I am gonna wait on that for a little while.

Me: Maybe next year huh.

A: Yeah.

Me: Does SHE know she is your girlfriend?

A: I wrote her a note.

Me: You did?

A: Yeah. I gave it to her outside the nurse's office. Then I walked away and went to my cabin to pack to come home.

Me: Did she say anything?

A: About what?

Me: About the note.

A: No. She didn't freak out or act crazy or anything. She already told me she liked me. Before. Like, days before.

Me: I see! Well honey, that is really special and I am really happy for you.

A: Yeah. And she is in eigth grade!!


Karla W. said...

Ah yes, don't you just love it. :)

Karla W. said...

Ahh yes, don't you just love it. :)