Friday, October 5, 2007

Most years right about this time I start to get really anxious for the cooler weather to kick in, but not this year. I am finding I dread it. It began snowing the day after Joseph went back into the hospital for what was to be overnight IV fluids and turned out to be the last time. And the week of his death it iced and snowed more than North Texas has seen in years. It all just draws me back to that time, even just imagining it. I am feeling so much stronger, so much calmer, so much more stable, but yet I am finding when Joe and I start to talk about Joseph and things pertaining to him, I tear up so easily. Frankly, even more easily than before. Can it really be just a few days short of nine months since he died? God, I miss him so much.

I lifted weights yesterday and today went to the new Craig Ranch fitness center and did 30 minutes on the elliptical. The facility is so gorgeous, its hard not to want to be there. And it really felt good at the time. I am hurting now though. The locker room is all cherry wood, has huge showers and rows of seated vanities, spa quality haircare products in the showers, hair dryers, fancy mirrors....whirlpool, sauna, steam room, luxurious, fluffy white towels, wireless Internet access throughout, each work out station with its own TV attached to the equipment and cable television....all overlooking this huge olympic sized heated outdoor pool for lap swimming. I am dying to go to the spa and get something done there...the scents coming from the area of their door make my toes curl with pleasure. Its a wonderful benefit. The new Craig Ranch clinic location goes "live" on Monday...the move has been like, well, trying to relocate a huge company. Lots of little things going wrong, lots of hurry up and wait. But I am hopeful all will be ready for the first patients to come through the doors Monday morning. I don't have my computer yet and actually got sent home with pay yesterday simply because there was nothing to do. I am anxious to be up and running. Getting paid to sit around isn't my forte.

Joe and I have errands to do this weekend such as getting a new printer for the house and a wireless mouse for his laptop. Nothing too exciting. I bought some bulbs today to plant for tulips and the like for next spring's flower beds. I am hoping to buy some shrubs and/or trees for the back yard. The tomato plants have new life and are producing like mad, especially the one with grape tomatoes. Amazingly enough, the green pepper plant that did absolutely nothing over the summer suddenly has baby peppers starting to grow. We had a little plumbing issue come up last weekend and got that taken care of. Unfortunately it did get on the new hardwood floors but we are told all will be well and go back to normal in the warped spots within 60 days, after it dries out good again. We have our fingers crossed.

Things are relatively calm and uneventful here otherwise. Nick has an orchestra concert on Wednesday that I am looking forward to. Both boys seem to be settling into the year nicely. Let's pray this nice, quiet period in our lives lasts a while longer. Its been good to not be in a panic over anything.

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karengberger said...

Thank you for your encouragement, and for continuing to share your journey. It gives hope to me, and I am sure, to others.
Your job, and the opportunities it gives you to care for yourself and nurture yourself, sound very healthy and timely. I am glad that you are taking advantage of the wise provision of the company to help its employees "walk the walk." That integrity seems like it would be a blessing for everyone it touches.