Thursday, January 8, 2009

*panic attack* When Did I Get OLD?!?!

So I am looking for something for Joe and I to do on Saturday night. We enjoy live music, a place to have a few drinks and maybe some dancing.

I am reading about a bar that sounds promising, but every single review sounds something like this:

Great looking bar on the inside, but that's about it. This is definitely an older crowd's bar. We were there on a Tues night and some live band was playing 80s tunes and the old people were just twist'n and mov'n (as much as their replacement hips and botox would allow) which was the only entertaining part of the evening.

If you are 40+ and looking to hook up, then this might be your place.

If are you younger and looking for a good place to drink, then try...

NYLO Hotel
Fox Sports (good beers and great appetizers)
Bar at Jaspers
3rd Base (next to Stonebriar Mall for good ol fashioned beers)

Or this:

Overpriced drinks, Creepy old guys, Cougars, and Way Unimpressive staff~who~think~they~are~much~cooler~than~they~are

Or this:

guess this place has its uses, such as dancing to a barely passable band doing covers to songs that I'm not sure anyone was dying to hear again anyways, and watching women who should be old enough to realize how much makeup is too much and how little clothing is too little prowling for frat-boys that are trying so hard to look cool that they look like caricatures of Don Johnson. Maybe that's why the women here find them interesting; it reminds them of their glory days.

Or this:

The crowd is older, when I say older I say early 30's up to early 40's professionals. It was definitely weird seeing someone near my mom's age completely drunk and trying to talk to me as if she was sober. I don't think this is a diverse age group for young adults, but definitely for older more mature adults.

WTF?? :cry:

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