Monday, August 27, 2007

First day of school

So Nick and Alex are starting school today...Nick 7th grade and Alex 4th. They chose their own clothing, combed their own hair and were extremely excited, bouncing right away out of bed when the alarm went off and making the bed before coming out to breakfast. I made my traditional first day of school sausage and eggs, helped get things labeled and packed, made school lunches...and am now doing the traditional Mom thing of sniffling and feeling like they grew too fast and crying tears of pride and a little bit of grief over how big they are. They are turning into such wonderful little men.

Nick and I went school shopping yesterday. We had a grand time together. The older he gets, the easier it is for us to relate and talk and I am loving it. I cannot tell you how many women were there with their middle school kids having tension and ugly moments and arguments right there in the mall...while Nick and I had our arms around one another and held hands, talked, debated, compromised (see the red shoes on his feet? gack! But he loves them! :laugh:) and in general just enjoyed getting to be alone with one another. I try not to get too smug. I am sure ugly days are coming..he has to separate from me eventually, right? But right now, he is so attentive, so respectful, so cheerful (most of the time) and just a delight to be with. We were dancing in the car together even and I wanted to shout with laughter just for the joy of having those kinds of moments with him. He is a terrific son.

Joe got two new babies yesterday, twins, that weighed 7.5 pounds each. Anyone who knows Joe knows that he is convinced of the sacred nature of pig. We found thick cut bacon on sale for $2 a pound in 7.5 pound slabs. He almost wept...and posed for pictures like any proud papa.

What a nut! I do love him so..we sure do laugh a lot.

They are coming today to do the demolition...tearing out the floors, the vanity and the toilet. Its suddenly coming together..and will be finished by Thursday! I am beyond excited to see how it is going to look. The wood in the house and soooo beautiful. Joe got all the new floorboards painted last night a beautiful glossy white.

I am missing my Joe-Gi so much today. Just an ever present aching pit of sadness. You'd have been in 9th grade Bub. You'd have been so excited and nervous...and I would have been so nervous and scared for you...and so very proud. I miss you every day. Watch over your brothers when I am not there to do it. I love you.