Monday, July 30, 2007

We did a lot of work on the house this weekend. Joe is making progress on the fence, though it is getting very hot to be doing that kind of work. The picture above is both sides of the project, before and after. It is very close to being done and he has done such a gorgeous job. Our tomato plants were really late getting into the ground but are finally starting to produce some tomatoes. The grape tomatoes are just going to town and soon we will need a basket to pick them all. Alex loves tomatoes and he and Joe have fun going out there and daydreaming about BLTs. Its a bit of a jungle with all the rain we have had and some of the plants are as tall as Joe is.
I got a huge portion of the kitchen painted yesterday and it is coming together nicely. I am getting antsy to get the floors in and the countertops done. That should be coming up soon. The next thing is going to be the backyard landscaping and Joseph's memorial garden. Joe got out the chainsaw and took down the peach tree that was in the back corner. All the fruit it produced was bad and attracted flies like crazy, and as Joe cut it down he discovered it was rotted all the way through to the stump down the middle, so it wasn't going to last long anyway. So now we are discussing what to put in. We both are favoring azaleas in at last a few spots. They grow well here in the heat and will add lush color but also they remind him of his Dad and that makes it an obvious choice. Joe let Nick hold the chainsaw and do some cutting...I am glad I was not out there for that....but the way Nick's eyes lit up it must have been a good and manly feeling experience.
We cooked hambergers on the grill on SAturday night and then went to see the new Shrek film. Last night we had corn on the cob and sausage off the grill. There's no lack of good eating going on around here!