Sunday, July 22, 2007

Its been a crazy busy week for us. I did not mention, but last week Joe's golf clubs were stolen out of the back of the Blazer either while I was at work or school. Needless to say, it was just incredibly depressing...a link with his past and of course his key to a game he truly loves. We were both so very upset. We have a police report in, but the chance of them being recovered is almost none. Its very sad.

Then yesterday same said Blazer broke down while I was in line at the bank depositing my paycheck. Luckily I have a very good mechanic in my pocket and we have him working on it, but it won't be ready until Monday evening, so I am going to have to call my brother and see if he is able to give me a ride to work on Monday, which I hate. I just hate putting people out. But he was so nice about potentially having to take me home on Friday evening, so that makes it a little easier to ask at least.

Joe remains covered in this terrible rash from whatever type of poison plant he got into. Its made him pretty miserable, though we at least have a good regimen for him to follow for some relief after I called my doctor and asked her about it. Two Claritin in the morning, two Benadryl at night, hydrocortisone cream all day long and expect it to last a full two weeks. Poor guy. The worst part is that we don't really know where he got into it at. So it could happen again. But he is dealing with it well. Its mostly on his chest and belly and up into one armpit. Not on his face or anything.

We are going to paint the kitchen today, or at least that is the preliminary plan. He's not up yet, so we'll see. I know he wants to watch the British Open, so I will probably mow the lawn and get some groceries and another can of paint while he does that. We went out last night and just had a marvelous time at The Shops at Legacy in Plano. First we went to Cafe Amore, a BYOB Italian restaurant where we shared a lovely bottle of Viadur (highly recommend it....very good wine) that we brought with us for that purpose, then went down to the martini bar there at the shops at Legacy. Unfortunately it was pretty upscale and we were pretty casual...they didn't like Joe's tennis shoes for their dress code, so we'll try that place another time. Instead we found a hot little urban mexican joint who would sell us margaritas and let us take them out on the sidewalk to listen to the incredible Latin singer that was entertaining on the street. He was just amazing! He went for over an hour and a half without a break, playing awesome spanish guitar, singing super romantic songs in spanish and more up tempo and modern stuff, all with a blues/jazz spin that made it all his own. It was a perfect warm Dallas night and there were tons of people out and about, everything from singles eyeballing one another to familites trying to have fun even with the kids to older couples. Just a nice mix, good energy, great drinks, everyone moving around, up and down the street, checking out one another and the shops and restaurants. There's a wine bar there called Cru....I want to try that next time. We would also definitely go out of our way to see this guy perform again. Joe bought him a drink and then made me take it to him. I thought I would die. I have such a thing for dark, handsome men and I get so embarassed around them because I am sure the drooling makes it a little obvious that I am crushing on them. Dark handsome men just hit me with the stupid stick. Can't talk. Can't interact. Can't hardly think. Joe thinks its funny, so he made me take the performer a margarita. I thought I would die of embarassment. I had to walk across the street and give it to him in front of all these people...but I am telling you, the smile he gave me...wooowhee! I think I peed a little!

Then we drove home with the sunroof open and great songs from the 80s playing a little too loud, feeling young and free and so happy to be together. It was the best "date night" we've had yet. But I think I wore him out...its 9:00 AM and he is still sleeping :evil smile:

Have a great day everyone.