Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Joe managed to get poison ivy or oak over the weekend and he is covered with itchy welts. Maybe it will help me convince him to help me finish painting the kitchen instead of working on the fence this weekend. We had a contractor out here this weekend to get started on a quote for the hardwood floors and tile for the kitchen as well as gutting the master bathroom. Here's the living room now....still need to get some art work on the walls...the first picture is what it looked like when we bought the house...afters following.

Algebra has been good for me. Of course, I say that with gritted teeth, but truly getting into this class and through it successfully may just change the entire course of my future. That sounds so cheesy, but is so true. The depth of fear surrounding that subject and the anticipation of defeat has made my frustration level with it exceptionally low. But the importance of my goal and my passion for it has kept me plugging away, even during the times I want to yank my hair out and burn it in protest. It has taught me a lot about the benefits of seeing things through when they get hard academically. I was pretty bright in school as a youngster and I think coming upon this class that I could not learn simply by osmosis threw me for a spin, particularly when my older brother was so exceptional at it. Better late than never. I can say with emphasis that conquering a personal demon is a journey worth undertaking. School is over in three weeks for the summer and I am looking forward to slowing things up. It just got to be a bit much.

Joe made me dinner tonight. I came home to a house fragrant with garlic and butter..he made shrimp scampi and said it was for all those times I came home from the hospital to a dark, empty house only to struggle to find the energy to open a can of soup. Of course, the size of my ass belies that..I managed to eat just fine, thank you. I am working hard on undoing the damage now, but finding the will for that is difficult too. Its hard to deprive myself right now. Joe is, however, awfully good to me despite my numerous imperfections.