Monday, March 3, 2008

An inch or two and still falling. Joe finally got a little snow...he made a snow angel on the top of the grill in celebration. I think he would not want to admit how quickly the blood thins when living down here. We have had fun running out the back door into the snow and then running back in when the cold begins to penetrate, squealing (on my part...Joe doesn't squeal) as the flakes tickle against skin. We lit the fireplace for what could very well be the last time this winter...we had spent yesterday buying azaleas for the back yard and enjoying 75 degree weather. Tonight its snowing.

I am....okay. I had a little melt down a couple of days after my last entry. I think I do work awfully hard to put my grief behind me and it tends to catch up with me. I get weary of it, ignore it, really do better for a while, then break down again. Its a cycle. To the point that even when its good, I know its going to rotate around and get back again. But the vice versa is true too. And I can say...the coil is getting smaller, the rotations less severe and less extreme. Still there. Still present. Always present. But microscopically, day by day, a little better than it was in the last rotation.

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