Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Early registration for summer classes was yesterday. I have an edge in that my school registers based on how many hours you have already put in at their institution. Since I have been going to school there on and off since high school I am practically first in line and I get to register three days before the average student. It helps guarantee I get the classes I need at times that work around my work schedule. So I registered yesterday to take Anatomy and Physiology I. I admit I am tremendously intimidated by this class. Biology last summer was pretty hard. This is going to be even more detailed. I am talking myself down from high places every time I think about it. The class will be Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-11 PM. Ai-yi-yi. I am motivated and committed. I am motivated and committed. I am motivated and committed. Rinse and repeat.

We are getting into one of my favorite times of year. I love the violent weather that can come with the spring. Its probably wrong of me since it can be so destructive, but its such a passion, an intensity of nature. I love watching the storms roll in. I love the way the atmosphere seems to hold its breath and press inward on me as it approaches, the faint, low rumbles that herald the arrival. And they never last long enough to satisfy me. We were supposed to get bad weather today, but the storms are rolling up over the top of the cold front instead of hanging out in front of it on the warm side, so its going to just be rain and not the wind, lightening, hail and fury that I am so fascinated by. Its vaguely disappointing.

Spring break is this week so there is no Statistics to go to. It feels weird. I didn't do too hot on my last exam. I got a 78...not the lowest grade in the class by far, and apparently our class did much better than the other Stats class he teaches. But I am disappointed in that grade and will be working hard to protect my "A". He does replace the lowest test score with the final exam score if the final exam score is higher, so I just need to make sure that 78 is my lowest grade this term. I know exactly why I scored so low...I didn't study half of what wound up being on the exam. We had a day when class was canceled due to bad weather and I suspect the stuff I didn't study we were going to go over on that day.

Joe and I are getting busy with flocking the outside of our nest. We have our eye on two Bradford Pear trees for the back yard and we have already purchased five azalea bushes for back there, tomatoes for the garden and fresh basil plants. I can't wait for the basil to grow! I love being able to go out and clip off some leaves and toss it into things. We are planning to till up the soil and replant grass seed in hopes of getting things nice and lush. Joe started staining the fence this past weekend as well and that is looking good. I love going to the nursery and dreaming about all those plants. I saw a camilia plant this past weekend that took my breath away.

Time to get off to work...

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