Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A year ago today we got to bring Joseph home from the hospital after his transplant. I almost don't know what to write about that. I almost don't know what to say. I am so grateful for the time we got with him, so glad we got one last Thanksgiving together, and I am so sad that it was the beginning of the end.

Sometimes I am really appalled at what people will say. It doesn't happen often and I know that even when someone is seriously chewing on their foot they do mean well. But I had a good friend yesterday tell me that she dreamed of Joseph and actually believes she communicated with him..and that he died so that the rest of us could be "a happy family again". um....what?! Not only just plain a horrible dream, but what on earth would possess anyone to think that would be a message of hope, joy or comfort? As if we don't have enough guilt about his passing, now someone thinks he became another Christ and sacrificed himself to "save" the rest of us. I am incredulous.

I have my first Cooper Clinic physical today. I am not looking forward to it, to say the least, but it needs to be done. It will be interesting to learn how things work there and what the process is. Basically I will get everything done today and results back today. I hate it that one can't wear an underwire or deoderant and I really really dread the idea of the exercise stress test. As if one cannot tell by looking at me that I am in terrible shape.

We are looking forward to Thanksgiving. My Aunt June and Uncle Ed are coming down to visit, so that will be fun, and I am hoping to get a lot of my Christmas shopping done. My Christmas Tea is on December 2nd, so things will be in high gear here soon. I have an Algebra test on December 6th and the class ends on the 18th. Time does go awfully fast.

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