Friday, November 9, 2007

I am not blogging too often these days. Things have gotten very busy between school, work, kiddos and home. I was writing in my mind earlier tonight, but now I am just plain tired. Too tired to say very much. We had a lovely evening at home tonight. Joe made us chicken on the grill and Alex and I sliced up potatoes, onions, peppers and tomatoes from the garden to make little grill packets. It was a nice, simple meal. Somehow we wound up talking about gift giving and meaningful gifts, etc. One of his favorite memories is of his sister, Mary Ann, who made him whatever kind of cookies he wanted every two months for a year. He remembers how she'd send him a huge batch and how fun it was for him to call her up and say "I'd like some oatmeal cookies" or chocolate chip or rice krispie treats. I love family memories and holiday stories.

We are doing well. The 3rd marked six months since Joe moved to Texas and in with me. It felt like a milestone. I think if this was going to be a blatant disaster we would know by now, but we are both very happy and content. I am planning a Christmas get-together with my girlfriends that we do every year, only this time it is going to be in our home. That will be fun. Joe's given me a generous budget and I am having fun making plans. Some people have Christmas lights up already and one of the radio stations is playing Christmas music as of the 7th. I find both disgusting. It absolutely ruins the season to see that stuff before Thanksgiving.

More this weekend.

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