Sunday, November 4, 2007

Its been a fairly nice weekend. Joe is sticking close to me and watching over me protectively and tenderly, and that helps. Lots of physical affection, spontaneous hugs, long moments of being held. It is wonderful and soothing. I did a lot of cooking over the weekend, which I like to do in the fall. We had homemade pizza on Saturday night with the crust and the sauce from scratch. We have been growing our own basil and that really made a difference. It was insanely good. Joe smoked a couple of pork shoulders today and I made some dinner rolls from scratch that were pretty much a bust, but sure did make the house smell good. I got all the Halloween decorations taken down and Joe and I had our talk about Christmas budgeting. All is well on that front.

Saturday morning Cooper was having a 5 K fun run, so the four of us went out for that. We got free Tshirts. I really expected Alex to love it and Nick to grumble and moan through it. It was a pretty cold morning for North Texas (about 47 degrees) and Alex was the one complaining and Nick really stepped it up. We all got in a good 5 K walk and it was so much fun. Nick wants to do more of those and it was good family time, so I think we will. My poor body is wondering what on earth got into me...I am still sore today. But I made decent time on the walk and had no trouble finishing it. Cooper had a fund raiser for the new kids exercise initiative and the top ten employees in terms of bringing in $$ were put into a drawing for a brand new Honda Fit Sport. I didn't even try to raise money but after seeing that very nice, fully loaded car given away to another employee I think I will put some effort into it next time. They do such incredible things for the employees at Cooper. They had another little contest earlier in the week and I won a $20 gift card to Chili's. I really am grateful for my job and my family.

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