Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nick and I had a pretty terrific time this afternoon. He had indicated an interest a few weeks back when he heard that the Moscow Ballet was coming to perform The Nutcracker. I was pretty enthused to hear he'd like to go, so needless to say, we went. It was his first ballet and the first I have attended in probably 10 or more years. I was not too sure how he'd do...I thought it might get boring for him. It was held at The Majestic, which alone seemed to impress him tremendously with its chandalier and restorations. We had excellent seats in the second row of the third balcony and he was rapt the entire time. I do have to say, he was also, near as I could tell, the only pubescent boy in attendance other than a couple of the dancers themselves. His awestruck, very impressed "That was AWESOME!!!" as we gave our final ovation says it all. I have a culture buddy in my middle son. We had a great time together. Of course, he went to put on his dress clothes and discovered between now and the last time he wore it his arms and legs have grown three inches and everything was too short. He wore them anyway because we really didn't have anything else appropriate, but he needs both a haircut and some new dress clothes. He looked very handsome anyway and spent a lot of the time during the ballet with his head on my shoulder, ogling a little ballerina dressed all in white with a tiny harp she was carrying around. He said that she turned his heart to mush. Oh my.

As for me, I spent much of the time wondering what it would feel like to jump around like they do and have absolutely nothing on one's body jiggle, wiggle, reverberate or crease. They were just lovely, every single motion the epitome of grace, skill and athleticism. Nick pointed out that all the men seemed to have a wedgie, to which I silently replied "Yes, and we ladies all are thankful!" They were absolute performers, entertainers, and when one considers they hear this same music over and over, twice a day every day for about 8 weeks, one can't help but be impresed. They bought a lot of energy to the performance. It was wonderful.

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