Friday, April 3, 2009

You Were the Pride of Our Hearts

"It's so difficult to let you go

Though death's left us no other choice

We're mourning the loss of never seeing you again

Of never hearing your precious voice

It seems that in life there are certain times

Which are more than "simply unfair"

When our hearts search out for better answers

But cannot seem to find them there

And such is the case at your passing

Contemplating the briefness of your life

All the great things that you still would have done

If you'd been granted a little more time

It isn't difficult to envision the possibilities

For look at what you'd already done

The difference you'd made in so many lives

In all that you had become

Perhaps you were simply too good for this life

So God called you back to Heaven

That your life needed no further testament

Than the goodness you'd already given

But regardless of the reason

For why you had to depart

We'll miss you every single day of our lives

For you were the pride of our hearts!

Thank you for being our example

Inspiring us through your courage and drive

We'll cherish all the precious memories

You lovingly created in our lives

For truly, your life reflected

A wisdom that few, so young, can see ..."

-author unknown

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karengberger said...

That is lovely.
Wishing you a good weekend.