Friday, August 1, 2008

I am so excited!

The Cooper Clinic is going to "sanction" Team Joseph for the Heroes for Children 5K. It is a sponsored event, which apparently in the world of running enthusiasts holds a lot of weight. They are going to put out emails to the entire company...not just the clinic here at Craig Ranch where I work, but also the clinic in Dallas and to both fitness centers and our research institute to let everyone know about this event to encourage participation and/or donations. They are going to offer incentives to employees to participate in Team Joseph including points toward our wellness program that gives us cash at the end of the year for hitting certain fitness and wellness goals. This is so exciting and I feel so lucky to work for such an amazing company.

The upper admins came to me today wanting me to help them make up emails and fliers to distribute to the company promoting Team Joseph. I am shaking. How wonderful, to get to be a part of something like this that will both tell Joseph's story, honor his memory and ultimately help other families going through what we did, in an immediate, make-an-impact way!

I cannot say the depths to which this excites, motivates and humbles me. I can just see Joseph's shy, sideways smile, overwhelmed at being the object of so much attention.

You can register for this event at:

If you are not in the area or cannot attend, but would like to help us reach our goal of earning $5000 for Heroes For Children, please make your donation at:

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