Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hi everyone!

We have reached 25% of our fundraising goal, which is just incredible!Those of you who have taken the time to send out an email to your family and friends or to spread the word by other means, thank you so much. It is amazing how much can be accomplished just by letting people know this charity exists, by telling a little bit of Joseph's story and giving people the opportunity to reach into their hearts. So often people wonder what they can do. They see the faces of the children and hear the heartbreaking stories and feel helpless. The best thing anyone can do for a child with cancer is to help that child's parents get through it. Letting them know this charity exists, where they can help the families with a degree of security their money is going to good use and to the truly needy, makes THEM feel good as well. We are directly impacting both the families of children with cancer and those who want to give but do not know where or how and I am just so proud. Just putting the message out there and letting people decide for themselves is so powerful.

Our team has 21 members and is still growing. Danielle and the co-founder of Heroes For Children have taken note of Joseph's team and have been impressed enough to invite me to their headquarters in Richardson on Thursday afternoon to meet with them and see how they operate up front and in person. This is a tremendous honor and largely because of the effort you are putting forth. Please continue to spread the word within your comfort zone. Thank you so much for all you are doing and for being present for this event. I cannot tell you how touched both Stewart and I are, to make something this good happen in Joseph's memory.

Julie Easley and her husband Kevin are designing our Team Joseph T-shirts and I cannot wait to see how they turn out! Thank you guys for doing that!

I'll let you all know how the meeting goes! I hope all of you can feel the intense pride and peace of doing something this important, of being part of this incredible team. Joseph would just be blown away and I believe his spirit is with us as we make the effort to help families that are too tired emotionally and physically to even ask for the help they most definitely need.

Go Team Joseph!
You can register for this event at:


If you are not in the area or cannot attend, but would like to help us reach our goal of earning $5000 for Heroes For Children, please make your donation at:


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