Sunday, May 4, 2008

Yesterday was one of the busiest days I have had in a long time! We went to Alexander's baseball game in the morning and it was oddly cold out for May in Texas. Joe gave me his jacket (romantic careteaker of a man that he is!) and I still shivered through the whole thing. I am learning something about myself as I watch my kids play sports, and its not a pretty thing. I am competitive and impatient. I get frustrated when they do stupid stuff in the game and I have to laugh at myself and talk to myself...."they are 10 Sheri, not MLB. Look at them...LOOK at them..THEY are having fun. And if you get all hyper it steals the fun out of it and makes you into a psychoparent of one the worst kinds, so sit down and be quiet and watch how thrilled your son is to be on a team with the guys!" Like I said...its not a pretty side of my personaltiy and I have no idea what triggers it. There is no question that I myself am not even remotely athletic, so its rather humerous that I would be so driven when watching my child play sports. What's up with that??

So we watched cute little boys play in their cute little baseball uniforms, dropped Alex off at a birthday party and then did some shopping, just Joe, Nick and I. We went to a new Asian market on Legacy in Plano and wandered around. Nick's head was on a swivel and I swear to God the boy didn't not stop talking for two hours straight. He has gone from being a kid who will only eat french fries and grapes to wanting to really explore all the flavors of the world. He wanted to buy curry, dried fish, 20 different kinds of ramen, 40 different kinds of was fun to enjoy him on that level but I literally could watch Joe starting to wilt as the constant barrage of dramatic thrills bombarded us. I hope its something Nick will outgrow....this dramatic OMG! about anything and everything. By the time we finished up the whole shopping trip I was ready to hand him any kind of video game he wanted just to get a little bit of quiet. I have figured out Nick just cannot stand the house to be quiet.And I personally NEED a lot of quiet time. It makes things rocky at times and I fear he feels rejected by me when I finally just can't listen to him anymore. Anyhoo, I let him get a big bowl of ramen to make for his lunch (which he loved even though we could not read the directions because they were in another language). Then we went on to Lowes and bought a new kitchen sink, new fixtures and a new garbage disposal. So we are all ready in that sense for the counter installation. The people putting the new counters in are pretty funny. They give out an instruction sheet on everything we need to do to be ready for this and at the bottom of it they state that getting new kitchen counters is fun.....but the process of getting them installed is not. I consider myself forewarned.

Then we came home and sent Nick off to occupy himself. Joe went outside, planted wildflowers around the driveway and then began the huge project of recutting the soffit vents under the roof overhangs, which are woefully too small and totally blocked by insullation. I got the cleaning bug in me and cleaned the entire house but for the kids bedrooms. Floors and bathrooms and all. We put a turkey in the oven that we'd had since the Thanksgiving timeframe and I invited Stewart over to have dinner with us. He brought Alex home from his party and I had my own girlie version of suburban Big Love as we all sat down for a meal together. Stewart and I played games with the boys for a while, we had apple pie and then Joe and I collapsed into bed. It was a full day, a good one.

Today I need to shop for mother's day (we are going here for the day next week! Woohoo! that's Mom's gift to me) and hope to meet up with my girlfriends for lunch at Big Fish.

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