Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Does it ever end? I have a friend from Minnesota whose child had cancer long ago. He is a teenager now. They found out today he has cancer again, either the same kind or a secondary kind, a tumor in his belly. I am so livid I cannot see straight. She was such a friend to me for so long. I just cannot believe this is happening to her. She truly believed he could not get his cancer back again. Yet here they are, lives turned upside down on a chapter they thought was closed. Its enough to strike terror into the heart of any parent who has ever had a child with cancer who thought their child is safe now. Like so many people I know. Like my own Alex, who is five years after his own brain tumor as of this July, who is having his yearly MRI this June to check for regrowth.

I keep trying to study for my final tomorrow. I feel like there's a barrier, a lining around my brain that nothing can penetrate. I will be glad tomorrow when it is over and I have a month off not to worry about things.

We finished painting the kitchen tonight. The contractor comes on Friday morning to put in our new countertops. I really cannot wait to see how its all going to look. We have such a lovely home.

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