Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I am not being a very good blogger, am I?

Things are moving along right now. I have definitely been more stable since coming back from Nebraska, at least as far as Joseph goes. Joe and I have been quarreling, but we had a terrific talk Sunday night and making up was rather fun and we seem the closer for it now. I hate it when things are not right between us, but I also know I can be very hard to live with. We lived alone for so long, sometimes the little things rankle. But we are coming up on one year since we took this incredible chance and he moved here from Detroit and we moved in together after five years long distance. I can't belive its been a year already. Today is the day we closed on this house! And it shows how happy I am because realizing that just now brought tears of gratitude to my eyes. I do not know what I would do without him.

Joe has been having a lot of fun planting tomatoes, peppers and herbs in the back yard. Mom got me a drawf lemon tree for Easter and we've got that in the ground as well as the two new Bradford Pear trees, which are doing fantastic. He has been busy putting in plugs of sod so that we can finally have grass rather than an eclectic assortment of weeds and clover. We talk now and then about having a little party with our friends here and I hope that comes to fruition, maybe between school semesters. Its been a cool spring so far, but warming up steadily and being outside is like getting to breathe again. We both really enjoy feathering our nest. A guy is coming this afternoon to quote us for new countertops and I cannot wait. AFter that, the backsplash and the kickboards under the cabinets our work in the kitchen will be complete. The only things left to fix up then in the house will be painting the hallway and remodeling the master bath. I really love this house.

Joe and I are talking about going to Scarborough Faire on Saturday, and in a couple of weeks we will be at the Jimmy Buffett concert, which will be a lot of fun. Two weeks after that we are toying with meeting my Aunt and Uncle in Austin for golf and shopping (he golf, me shopping).

Statistics is not the fun I once thought it was. I feel rather betrayed both by the concept and by myself a little bit. So. many. freaking. formulas. Gah! My last two exams I made Cs on, so though I have near perfect average on homework, labs and quizes, I have fallen from an A to a B in the course. This means I have to make at least a 90 on the last test and on the final exam if I am to make an A in the class. Which I really need to make. I am feeling the pressure and its not fun anymore. I just try to imagine how I will feel to see that A on my transcript after busting my butt and to keep that feeling in mind when its time to study and I don't want to.

Alex is going to play baseball this summer and he already has practice several times a week even though the games don't start until May. He isn't complaining though. Nick went camping with scouts on his own last weekend, and Stewart and the boys are going camping this weekend, the three of them. Both boys are doing really well in school now, which helps me worry a little bit less about their emotional health. I am trying to plan a birthday memorial celebration for Joseph's birthday, which falls this year on Memorial Day. Not sure yet how that will come out.

Have a great day all...time for me to bring Joe his coffee and kiss him awake. :)

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