Friday, February 8, 2008

Its been a crazy busy day. We leave tomorrow on our cruise (yay!!), so I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off getting everything ready to go. Joe and I have taken an ugly house with a lot of potential and turned it into a charming, warm, inviting home, and I think we are both looking forward to returning here as part of our trip as much as anything else. So I have felt compelled to clean clean clean today along with the packing. Stewart took my picture with Nick at his orchestra concert two nights ago and I was stunned at how old, tired and shabby I looked, so I hauled myself to the beauty parlor for the first time in eight months and got a spunky new haircut. I love looks great...and Joe loving it sealed the deal. I probably ought to start keeping up with that again. I worked half a day this morning, then left at midday to come home and clean, but also to go up to school and take my first Statistics exam. I think it went quite well. But all of this has made for one tired girl when combined with not being able to sleep last night due to anticipation, lists running around in my head regarding what to pack and what to do prior to leaving and also lists of formulas and problems, rehearsing mentally for the exam. So now I am turning weepy and melancholy. I will miss Nick and Alex. And of course, this is a little bit bittersweet. My first vacation since Joseph died. Heck, my first real vacation since he got sick. I almost feel a little bit afraid. I am excited, but I have always gotten anxious when wandering from home for a while. I am a homebody. I love my home. My family. Caring for both. I could be very happily dull I think. This will be good for me.

So, I will write again and post pictures when I return. I leave you with a picture of Nick from his orchestra concert, which was amazing. He did so well and I am so proud of the young man he is becoming.

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