Sunday, February 24, 2008

I love to get up early on Sunday mornings. I like to watch the light spread across the sky, to know Joe and the boys are warm and snug in their beds and sleeping deeply. Sometimes I stand outside their doors and just listen for a moment. I scheme and plan, look up recipes, try to think of something homey and warm to make everyone for breakfast. Sometimes I make a very early morning run to the grocery store and I always seem to give in and buy better-than-our-average coffee, partially for the pleasure of serving it to Joe, but I admit, partially for my own pleasure of smelling it brew. Today there was a marked down liter of buttermilk. I think I will use it to make Emeril's Irish Soda bread, which has bacon in it and is so yummy. Eggs. Coffee. Milk. It smells like a divine coffee house in here. The newspaper was on the front walk when I got back from the store.

We are supposed to have a pretty warm day today, about 65 degrees or so. I am hoping to get out and clean up the Infiniti and do some work on the crepe myrtles and flower beds in preparation for spring. Joe and I are going to rent a tiller and get the yard re-seeded this year, along with getting the tomatoes in nice and early. I need to cut back the monkey grass. We got rid of this really ugly, ill-placed evergreen out front in the fall, so it frees up vision of the house from the street rather nicely. I also need to clean up our bedroom, which has gotten disgustingly cluttered. I did the floors, living room and kitchen yesterday along with the boys' bathroom. Today will be our bathroom and bedroom plus whatever I can get done outside. Joe and I have been invited for Italian food with friends for brunch, not sure if there will be time to squeeze that in. I hope so but am okay with it if not. Life is full and I love it that way. I would like to get in a 2 mile walk too if I can, probably this evening. I prefer to walk at sunset.

So quiet.....all I can hear are the birds outside. Ahhhh.....

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