Sunday, February 22, 2009

A solitary morning

So far I am up alone, with all my menfolk still tucked cozily in bed. The usual scent of coffee hovers, which I enjoy almost as much as the taste. I love being alone and have a great need for it right now. I want rumination, silence, nothing interrupting me, time to just move with whim and personal will, time to write. I always treasure my early mornings where I am alone and the house is quiet. Right now, even moreso.

Nick spent the day yesterday at a rifle camp with Scouts. He was late getting back to the meet-up spot due to the fellow driving his group taking a wrong turn on the George Bush Turnpike and heading the wrong way. It was a full 30 minutes before he got to the meet-up place and my head was spinning over all the frightening possibilities. Of course, I forgot my cell phone and so had no way to call and find out what was going on nor to warn Joe I would be back home from picking him up later than anticipated. But he made it home okay. He had borrowed another kid's cell phone and left me a message telling me what was going on. The first truly responsible impromptu behavior I have ever seen from him. My Nick is growing up. He was full of stories of having fired rifles, shotguns, thrown knives and done archery all day long. I get the impression from his anecdotes that his aim isn't particularly true but that the experience of it was exciting. I admit I cringe to know they do throwing knives. How barbaric.

Joe picked up on my mood yesterday and even had me go change my clothes. Without even realizing it, I had put on a gray blouse to match my gray mood. So I put on a red sweater with great cleavage and we went down to Sprouts to buy some fresh produce. I love that store. On a whim we checked the dollar theater out and took Alex to see Marley and Me. That was a weeper! Sometimes I want a dog so badly. I'd love to have a well trained dog to walk with me and sit with me and play together. Its the well trained part I get hung up on. I have no idea how to train a dog. If getting my kids potty trained is any indication, I would suck at it.

Joe grilled burgers last night and lit the fireplace for us. It got down to 23 overnight. Guess its a good thing we have not put the tomatoes in yet. We watched The Last of the Mohicans, which I had never seen before. Good movie. Made me restless to get out of this flat place called Texas and go somewhere more lush and beautiful. Of course, its winter, so lushness is in short supply right now. And goodness only knows where we'll be or what we'll be up to come spring and summer.

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