Saturday, June 16, 2007

This week I will have my first two exams since starting back to school. My biology exam is a take home, which makes me want to not worry about it, but if memory serves college level take home exams can be pretty tough. Taking algebra is like facing down one of my biggest demons from the past. I had convinced myself long ago of my hatred of math, to the point that I actually have been one math class away from having an associate's degree for years and have never gone to take it out of pure avoidance of something I don't think I am good at. How's that for ego? But it is a necessity now. Getting my nursing degree will require I take Statistics, and I can't take Statistics without taking Algebra first.

Joe and I were talking about planting flowers around the house today but it looks like more rain on the horizon. I'm not complaining. Guess that means the fence won't get worked on either, so maybe we'll be able to get the painting done that is left....entryway, kitchen and hallway. The entryway and hall are going to just be a nice, clean, somewhat generic beige with white trim, but I got a gorgeous butter yellow for the kitchen. The house is turning out even nicer than my imagination had envisioned when I chose it for purchase. I pretty much picked it out on my own since Joe was not here yet then and that fact made me pretty hypersensitive to any criticism of it. For a while there it felt like I was the only person on earth who liked this house. My nephew Jacob seemed to summarize it nicely for everyone when he walked into the empty living room, noticed the stains on the carpet and surmised "This is a YUCK house!" (he's four). I think he would like it better now. Its coming together nicely.

So I go to school on Friday nights until 10 PM and then on Saturdays from 9-2. Its only until August 8th, then there will be a break until the next semester starts. Joe is wonderful about helping me however he can and cheering me on. I came home last night to dinner waiting, the plugged kitchen sink taken care of (it had been a doozy), the kitchen clean and a particularly good bottle of wine open.