Friday, June 22, 2007

Nick has been back from his camping trip in Colorado for almost a week now. We got this picture of him this week from while he was there. He got to go mountain boarding (that is what he is doing in the picture) as well as white water rafting. He had a marvelous time, though came back with his leg half gouged out from trying to pop a wheelie on this thing. My son the genius. What is it about kids, boys in particular it seems, that makes them so driven to pit themselves against the general principles of physics and such?
Joe and I have a busy weekend planned. I am going to finish unpacking the last of the boxes (I hope). We are knee deep in the land of We-Have-Too-Much-Sh*t. I am going to have to sacrifice some of my books to the gods of Half Price Bookstore. He and I are both heavy readers and there just plain isn't enough room. And imagine my surprise to discover while unpacking that this man has more clothing in his line of oxford cloth shirts alone than I do in my entire wardrobe! It has been interesting trying to meld the lives of two grown adults who have lived independently for five years. But it actually is going remarkably smoothly, which is gratifying. Joe will be out back getting tan and sweating as he puts up a new fence. Here in Texas, land of the Big Texas Sky, you only get a small swatch of land for a backyard and it is a silent requisite that all swatches of land be enclosed by a 6-8 foot fence so that you can pretend your swatch of land is really a vast prairie and you have no neighbors. Ours was falling down upon purchase of the home and we have not been lucky enough to have any of the storms from this spring finish taking it down for us. He rebeled against the prices quoted for having it professionally done and is doing a gorgeous job of creating one for us himself. We have planted peppers and tomatoes and he has a new grill that he is pretty thrilled with. We are in the midst of researching the best grass to plant. The house didn't come with grass. Just weeds that do an incredible simulation of greenness, but only from a reasonable distance. Up close its pretty scruffy right now. I would venture to say we are enjoying ourselves but I think Joe might laugh incredulously at that statement so I will simply say that I really enjoy watching him put up that fence. :D