Sunday, April 16, 2017

The end of an Easter Day

Today we spent at my older brother's house. He has three boys and they tiptoe on the precipice of manhood. I wonder sometimes if they, my brother and his wife, even realize what a gift this time is...the in-between, just before independence leashes them to drag them away, when boyhood still beckons. Seeing Jacob, the oldest, who Joseph once shared a Gameboy with, is both blessed and yet painful. It is Easter Day.. Where would my Joseph be now?

The world as we know it is chaotic and unpredictable. I find the inner strains of my peace near to impossible to touch. Donald Trump is the nightmare that is our President. He is unqualified and crooked and I am genuinely fearful, though of what I cannot fully say.

I am praying these days a lot more. I pray for my Mom. My brothers, My husband. My kids. My nephews. My self.

I don't even know what to say here other than Let there be peace on earth. Let it begin with me.

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